Charter - Rental

Myrick Marine has a variety of equipment available for charter or rental including 3 Tugboats from 900 HP to 600HP, spud crane barge 130x60x8 with or without American 9320 (250T) crane on deck, spud deck barge 80x36x8, spud crane barge 120x45x7 with or without American 999C (110T) crane and spuds, spud crane barge 80x40x7 with 318 Linkbelt (75T) pedestal mounted and spuds, crane barge 70x40x7 with or without American 7250 (60T) crane and spuds, and a fleet of small work boats from 24′ to 15′ 300 HP to 40 HP. Other equipment is also available. Contact us for availability.