Myrick Marine was asked to assist with construction of a tugboat dock, including an 800-ft long steel bulkhead for mooring of up to twelve tugboats with electrical and water service, along with a fire suppression system. This project, known as the Moran and Crescent Towing Facility, was conceived by two of the largest towing companies in the United States as a way to solve overcrowding problems in their current facilities along the Savannah River in Savannah, Georgia. Moran Towing Company, based in New York, with over 20 ports of operation, joined with Crescent Towing Company, based in New Orleans, to form a limited partnership to purchase 25 acres on Hutchinson Island and build a first class towing facility to service the Port of Savannah. The property was purchased in 2006, facility planning began in 2007, and construction was completed in 2011.

Myrick Marine worked with a dredging subcontractor to clear the area in front of the project for the harbor tugs. Once dredged, we provided the labor and equipment necessarily to install AZ37-700 sheets up to 60′ long and driven to grade with our HPSI 450XL Vibratory Hammer. Along with the sheet wall, we worked with a local dirt contractor to remove bad soil and replace it with sand back fill. We then constructed 25 ton mooring bollards using HP14x117xL50 piling with concrete block on top. A timber fender system was installed in front of the wall to protect it from the tugs, and the back fill was then paved with asphalt to create a clean working area. The project was designed by EMC Engineering. Please see their website for more details of the overall project:

Upon completion of the dock project, Myrick Marine was also called upon to build a custom gangway system to assist personnel in getting on and off the vessels at the different tide stages. Tides can move as much as 9 plus feet in our area, so we custom built a gangway system to meet these demands. Thomas & Hutton provided design services for this project.